by Henri Simmen (1880-1963)
France, 1923-1932

6 1/8" high; 2" wide

This tall slender vase has crystallations and blue glaze on an ochre background.

Henri Simmen studied pottery with Edmond Lachenal and established his studio in Meudon, a suburb of Paris. His early work, between 1910-1914, was inspired by the folk traditions in European ceramics including faience and salt-glazed stoneware. After World War I he studied Oriental techniques in the Far East. Upon his return to France, he set up a studio in Montredon, near Marseille, and between 1923-1935, produced hand modelled pieces with monochrome glazes, which sometimes included sculptural decoration.

Signed H Sim in enamel underneath.

$7,000 - Inv. #177