by Alexandre Kelety (1880-1940)
France, circa 1930

20 3/4" wide; 8 1/2" deep; 12" high
14 3/4" high with base
Base: 15" wide; 6 1/8" deep/ 2 3/4" high

This is a bronze bust of pioneer French aviator, Jean Mermoz (1901-1936). It is mounted on a rectangular black marble base. In this sculpture Kelety depicts this young man with a scarf flying behind him. Mermoz was known for his epic flights across the Atlantic and the Andes and established a commercial air route from France to South America. He was killed in a crash at a young age. He was viewed as a hero and rue Jean Mermoz between the Champs-Élysées and rue Saint-Honoré was named after him.

Inscribed KELETY.

$12,000 - Inv. #98