by Leon Leyritz (1888-1976)
France, circa 1928

85 5/8" high; 21" wide; 12 ¼" deep

This large black patinated Lap stone sculpture of a cubistic stylized male nude has gold foil inclusions, which was typical for Lap. Lap is no longer produced, but was a popular material of the inter-war period. It was a synthetic product refined in 1922. Lap gave to cement the sparkle of marble through the addition of enamels and metals such as gold or bronze, the whole fired at a high temperature. Lap was used by Ruhlmann for the cladding of his dining room at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs of 1925 and subsequently by the Martels for the decoration of the chapel of the oceanliner Normandie.

Inscribed L. LEYRITZ to the base.

Leon Leyritrz was a renowned sculptor during the 1920's and 1930's. He was also close to the world of music, including a friendship with Maurice Ravel, for whom he realised a portrait bust, in addition to the interior decoration of his Paris apartment. Leyritz also undertook the stage design of numerous theatrical productions, especially those for Marcel Achard, where his sculptures were displayed alongside furnishings by Eugene Printz.

Collection du Chateau de Gourdon
Christie's Paris, March 31, 2011, Lot #438

Paul Montagnac, Interieurs au Salon des Artistes Decorateurs, Paris, 1932, plate 36.
Catalogue de l'Exposition du Lap by Paul Leon, June 1928.

$350,000 - Inv. #99