by Jean-Michel Frank (1895-1941)
France, circa 1940

Base: 9” high; 6 ¼” wide; 6 ¼” long
13 3/8” high to top of electrical fixture
18 ¼” high to top of shade

With four perpendicular brass rectangles radiating from a central attachment.
Paper shades.
Rewired to American standard.
Good working condition.
Produced by Comte, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With a certificate of authenticity from the Comite Jean-Michel Frank.

Hotel Horizonte, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Located on the Atlantic coast south of Buenos Aires, the Hotel Horizonte in Mar del Plata was one of Frank’s largest commissions during his brief time spent in Argentina while creative director of the firm Comte. Commissioned by socialite and collector Maria Mercedes Saavedra Zelaya, the hotel was a favored summer destination for the Buenos Aires elite. Completed in 1942, the hotel was decorated entirely by Comte, which had been producing and retailing Jean-Michel Frank’s designs since 1936.

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$160,000 – Inv. #1335