by Felix Aublet (1903-1978)
France, circa 1931

11 7/8" high

This is the smaller of the two sizes of this design.

With original French electrical components, but rewired to American standard.

Four arms support the movable spherical foot, which in turn supports the hemispherical pivotting shade.
Allied to the UAM, though never a member, Félix Aublet exhibited several of his designs at the first exhibitition at the Pavillon de Marsan in 1930. Motivated by the writings of Le Corbusier, Aublet supported the rational modernism of architecture, and sought to produce complementary designs, primarily in metal. Designed in 1931, the 'Boule' lamp articulates these considerations, and remains one of the most recognised products of the UAM period. In 1935, together with the painter Robert Delaunay, Aublet founded the association 'Art et Lumière', which exhibited at the Aviation Pavillion of the Exposition Internationale of 1937. During this same period Aublet produced furniture and interior design schemes for Parisian clients, before turning to concentrate upon architecture after the war.

$8,500 - Inv. #487