by WMF (Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik)
Germany, 1927-1949

5" high; 5" wide

In copper with antique green ground and incised circumferential bands around base and top.

Impressed WMF IKORA underneath.

IKORA is a production line of WMF between 1927-1949 under the direction of Hugo Debach, a passionate collector of Asian art. It included a wide production of items in geometric style inspired by Art Deco and Japanese art in brass and nickel, hand decorated with enamel applied by fusion to the surface of the metal. The name IKORA referred to a specific method of treating the surface of the metal, by which layers of coating were applied in a partly chemical and partly heat-induced process. A host of newly developed hand-finishing techniques enhanced the possibilities for adding decorative fluorishes to the products.

$1,000 - Inv. #477