by Jean Goulden (1878-1946)
France, 1929

5 3/8" long; 3 1/8" wide; 7/8" high

Silver with cream, green and black champlevé enamel, blue lapis enamel interior lid.

Inscribed JEAN GOULDEN LXXXI 29/ impressed Goulden poincon J G sailboat.

During World War I, Jean Goulden was a physician on the front line in Macedonia. While there, he discovered the beauty of Byzantine enamel. Between 1923 and 1933, Goulden mastered the technique of champlevé enamelling. This unique box is one of only 190 objects created by Goulden. Jean Dunand, Jean Goulden, Paul Jouve and François-Louis Schmied exhibited together at the Galerie Georges Petit between 1921 and 1932 - this was their most creative period.

Galerie Léon Michaud, Reims, June 1931
Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, December 10, 1930 - January 6, 1931
Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, December 17-31, 1929

Bernard Goulden, "Jean Goulden", Editions du Regard, Paris, 1989, p. 82 illus.; LXXXI in Catalogue Raisonne, p. 149.

$75,000 - #78